Are you planning to sell your home? Call Hercules for a septic system inspection before you list the property. A disabled septic system will lower your property value and could prevent prospective buyers from securing homeowner’s insurance or a mortgage.

Avoid unnecessary delays and complications. Let Hercules diagnose and
address septic issues before entering into an agreement with a buyer.

Heavy rain or snow may alter the results of a septic inspection, though a septic system should have the capacity to function in all normal weather conditions.


Having a septic system inspected by a professional is the only way to be certain it is in good working order. While home inspectors will examine the system from the surface, they don’t have the equipment or expertise to pump the tank and inspect the entire system from the inside using fiber-optic cameras. Hercules will examine the baffles, distribution box and laterals and make sure the leach field is effectively percolating wastewater into the ground.

As one of the most essential and expensive systems in your home, it’s critical to protect your investment, health and peace of mind by verifying that the septic system function; properly before you buy the property. If problems are discovered, Hercules can tell you the steps and approximate costs necessary to remedy the situation.