• Hercules uses fiber-optic cameras to locate and inspect the septic tank, distribution box and laterals, Every component is checked for sludge accumulation, root intrusion, cracks and corrosion.
  • The septic tank is thoroughly inspected. Baffles, ports and risers (if any) are checked for damage and deterioration.
  • The distribution box is unearthed and examined for signs of leaks and corrosion,
  • If the system has a pump tank, the alarm, floats and pump are checked for proper functioning, All problems are repaired, and obsolete systems are brought up to code.
  • A pole test is performed to check for proper drainage.
  • If the system has been inactive for a week or more, a hydraulic load test measures the leach field’s capacity to absorb the volume of liquid expected during peak use.

inspection camera

Owners and potential buyers alike can gain security and value from quality Septic Tank Inspection from Hercules Septic / Sewer Services, LLC. Branchburg, NJ and Somerset County residents and business owners can rest easy knowing their septic tank system is working properly.

Our trained septic system professionals not only provide free estimates, but offer quality inspections, accurate services, and insight into preventing septic disasters.